The Wonders of a Travel Guide

The world has become so fast and any information can be simply processed on to your finger tips and also in front of you with the advent of telecommunication and internet. Travel books seem to be of a yesteryear’s category. Today you can get information about the destination and other necessary packing details about a particular destination through internet and also through various travel guides which available complimentary at the location.

Sometimes the internet might not provide with exact information and if you are visiting a destination which does not support any connection then these travel guides come very handy. They provide you with brief knowledge about the place and also provide you with list of do’s and don’ts that you should keep in mind when traveling to a particular destination.

The entire location map and transport means to reach to that location is also provided in the free travel guides. These guides are like pamphlet form with brief information but is sufficient to decide whether you want to go to that particular destination or not. All kinds of information regarding food, accommodation, transport and taxi service information is all provided in these maps. The size of these maps are very appropriate and are folded in such a manner that can be stored and carried easily without adding burden to tour back.

The travel guides are forever and can help you in greatly in some crisis situation. For instance, if you are trekking in the middle of a forest and you suddenly realize that you have lost your way, but checking on I phone will be of no use as you might not have the network in such remote locations. Then these travel guides come handy which have direction and also ways to reach the nearest information center. These travel guides can also be of great souvenirs that you can retain forever.

Tourism has increased to a great level and is expected that by 2020 around 1.5 billion people will travel every year. But with the rise of tourism the traveler has also become very smart and travel with planned itinerary and goals. Responsible tourism has increased and as the world has become global village and so have the standards risen in recent past. To encourage tourism in your country free travel guides is just one way to promote and advertise the positive things about your country/city. In fact it’s through these guides that tourists and foreigners can get real information about a particular location.

Travel Guide Business – A Gateway For Larger Tourism Business Opportunities

Don’t you think tourism has huge business associated with it? Well it has, though there has been a jitter all around the world for the present financial crisis, tourism seems to be affected but the least. Imagine having a business that never seems to slow down, great isn’t it? Well if you too are looking for a stable income source from a business then it is high time that you try your hand in the travel guide business. What awaits you in such a field? Well a huge gateway of opportunities along with loads of money.

Wondering what is travel guide business? Just as the name suggests you would be required to have good knowledge about the travel field or else have some people who are well versed with places which get huge tourists every year or every season. Having travel guide business is simple as all that you would be needed to do is send guides to tourist groups. Make sure that you should see that there are good guides working for you as there are chances that it would become a long term. Once your business establishes itself you would find various tourist groups that would like to seek your tourist guides, so your business increases isn’t it?

With so many tourist destinations in the world there would be no dearth of business. All you need to do is find some excellent guides and rope them into your business. You would find that the business increases with each passing day. With such a large business opportunity waiting for you, give it a shot and see in a few months you would earn a few thousands of dollars and once the business settles down, you would be a millionaire.

Mussoorie Travel Guide – Redefining The Indian Travel History

Mussoorie one of the best known hill resorts of India come up into existence and creation in the years 1820s. Actually there were just small and little settlements at that time which soon converted into bigger stations and finally the small town come up to be known as “queen of the hills.” Mussoorie travel guide has reported that this town name evolved from Mansur shrub which is vernacular in the hill stations.

Mussoorie tourism is surely one amongst the most enchanting hill stations of India and the most sought up destinations for weekends. People came here to rejuvenate their life and move away the stress.

Popular and charming attractions of Mussoorie are as follows:

Lal Tibba

One of the most enchanting attractions of Mussoorie travel guide is Lal Tibba which is located in the Landhour area which is the oldest settlement of this place. The best part is that it is known for trekking as it acts as the gateway to none other than Childer’s Lodge.

Gun Hill

It is the 2nd highest peak of Mussoorie tourism. You can view ultimate and stunning ranges of Himalayas like Gangotri, Pithwara, Srikantha and Bunderpunch. It is known as the most thrilling place of Mussoorie. At the time of pre- independence era, a canon was fired up from this point in the afternoon on daily basis to aid people to get the time and finally adjust the watches. This is the reason that it has been named as Gun Hill.

Mussoorie Lake

One more captivating view of Mussoorie travel guide is the Mussoorie Lake. This lake is never untouched by any of the visitors to mussoorie. It is a pleasurable picnic site for everyone around. You will be surprised to know that it is a man made lake. It offers fabulous view of almost all villages which are present near by this lake.

Kempty fall

It is the most beautiful waterfall that is situated about 15 km away from Mussorrie located at the Yamunotri Road. The altitude of this waterfall is over 4500 feet above the sea level. The name of the fall evolved from the term ‘Camp-tea’ because the British people in early times used to arrange tea parties at this place. You must view this place of Mussoorie tourism.

Municipal Garden

If you wish to catch memorable and breath taking evenings along with your friends and family then you must visit or arrange an outing to the municipal garden.

Your tour to Mussoorie will be incomplete without having a mind blowing shopping from Camel’s Back Road, Kulri Bazar, and Tibetan Street Market. This Mussoorie travel guide is perfect to get knowledge about this wonderful nature loving place.