Free International Travel Guides

Hospitality and tourism industry is by far one of the thriving fields of business that boosts up reputation of a certain city, country or state. Domestic and foreign tourists alike are relying on services offered by travel agencies, airlines, hotels, tourism bureaus and tourist guides so that every tour is made worthwhile and meaningful. The virtual side of business, Internet, is getting along with the jet-setting lifestyle of people, thus free international travel guides are accessible online.

The phenomenal approach of providing free international travel guides is a manifestation of how tourism keeps up with technology. Traveling is huge part of people’s lifestyle especially those transacting business in any parts of the globe or those who are big fanatics of exploring the world for pleasure. Travel packages for city tours, ocean cruises, island hops, zoo explorations, island escapades, bar hopping and other interesting itineraries are being accessible through world travel sites such as Real Travel, The World Travel Guide, Travel Library, Ex-Travelation and Around The World Guide.

Free international travel guides provide every bit of information including map for travels to Africa, Australia and South Pacific, Far East Asia, Indian Subcontinent, Middle East, North and South Americas, South East Asia, Central Asia, Europe and the United States. By specifying the name of destination name and target dates of travel, you will be led to more specific information such as airlines flying to and fro, hotel options, landmarks to catch sight of, distinctive features of your chosen destination, and tourism services you can enjoy during the entire travel duration. Travel agents are usually available to respond to your needs as soon as you send your queries.

Online magazines are integrated in free international travel guides so that you are up-to-date with feature stories about what the top tourist destinations in the world with corresponding landmarks it is known best for-say Paris is known for Eiffel Tower, US is known for the Statue of Liberty in New York, Canada for Niagara Falls, and so on. Free holiday and travel brochures or travelogues are also made available to those local tourists hoping to explore nearby cities and foreign tourists aspiring to fly across the continent.

Helpful information to prepare any tourist for his trip is definitely for free. Tips on how to have a safe tour are also given. There are also travel entities that deliver free international travel guides right to everyone’s doorway without any mailing fees at all. After mapping out the specifics of your intended trip, you can consult travel sites for whatever it is that you need: airline, hotel, package tours and car service or whatever. Most travel sites are accommodating and ready-to-serve just for you to attain a fulfilling travel agenda.

Rajasthan Travel Guide

Rajasthan the Desert State of India is among the most favored destinations for tourists who wish to enjoy the scattered charm of nature, culture and preserved heritage of bygone era of Raja and Maharaja. These diversities blessed this land with a number of destinations, which enthrall tourists during their Rajasthan Tour. The Rajasthan Travel Guide provides comprehensive information about Rajasthan Tourism based on which tourists can choose their destinations to enjoy the scattered beauty of nature as well as culture.

Rajasthan tourist attractions revolve around the charm of rippling sand dunes, majestic forts, grand palaces, vibrant culture, colorful fairs and festivals.

Some of the most sought after tourist attractions of Rajasthan Tourism are

Rajasthan Forts

This is among the known attractions of Rajasthan Tour famous across the globe for its architectural beauty, rugged exterior and well adorned interiors. Forts of Rajasthan are the best way to experience the leftover legacies of Raja and Maharaja. Rajasthan forts are not only famed as royal residence but also protected many kingdoms from invaders and attackers. Though this state has an array of forts yet the Chittaurgarh Fort and Mehrangarh Fort are most stupendous one. These two forts are renowned across the globe for its magnificent design and decorations. Some of the other well-known Rajasthan Forts are Junagadh (Bikaner), Amber, Taragarh and Jaigarh.

Rajasthan Palaces

The sculpted beauty, elegant interiors and elaborate design make Rajasthan Palaces famous among tourists. These palaces were the residence of royal dynasties, which are known across the globe for its royal comforts and eloquent luxury. Though this state has number of palaces challenging each other in terms of design and decorations yet the charm of the Lake Palace Udaipur is unparallel. It is among the most beautiful and romantic palaces in the world arising out of the azure water of the Pichola Lake. The second most famous palace is Hawa Mahal Jaipur known across the globe for its 953 small windows, popularly known as ‘Jharokhas’ which are adorned latticework. Some of the other popular palaces are Umaid Bhavan (Jodhpur) and City Palace (Jaipur and Udaipur).

Rajasthan Wildlife Sanctuaries

Wildlife reserves are popular attractions of Rajasthan Tourism famous for its exotic collections of flora, fauna and avifauna species. Rajasthan wildlife safaris are the best way to experience the wilderness of nature. During safari tourists gets an opportunity to see beautiful landscapes and exotic breed of flora, fauna and avifauna species. Some of the world renowned Rajasthan Wildlife Sanctuaries are Ranthambore National Park, Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary, Sariska, Sajjangarh, Kumbhalgarh and Mount Abu.

Benefits of Making Travel Guides for UK Tourism

Travel and tourism in UK are on an upswing and the time is right to make the most of it. There are many ways you can contribute to enhance tourism in UK and in return gain multiple benefits from it. One such way is by preparing travel guides. In this article, we will look at two things – how you can make them for upcoming tourist destinations and what are the benefits that you can enjoy from this activity.

First, we will see how you can prepare travel guides for various destinations in UK. The first thing that you would have to do is choose a place for which you can make the guide. The best way would be if you could visit the place and write about it, however you can also put in second hand information. Now choose a few areas on which you would like to write.

Categorise all the information into separate sections like geographical details, climatic conditions during the year, transportation and how to reach the destination, communication system of the region, land and people, culture and lifestyle, best attractions and sight seeing etc. If you could add some pictures along, it would be great. Prima facie, the more information you can provide, the better the travel guides get.

There are many things that you can put in your travel guides. There are also many benefits that you will get in return of making them. First, there are some web sites and magazines who pay you well for making travel guides for them. Second, you can also have your own blog and help those who seek information and get online traffic for your blog. This helps you gain recognition and prepares a launch pad for you in the much sought after UK tourism industry.